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Are Freesat boxes being discontinued?

NO!!!!! Freesat is strong and has no plans to stop or close.

Hopefully that's cleared that up. Now I will explain why people have been thinking this for the last few months...

Over the last few years lots of things have changed with The Freesat Business as an organisation, first off the 2 main broadcast systems in the UK are now managed by one group called "Everyone TV" So both Freeview (Aerial DVB-T) & Freesat (Satellite DVB-S) have been grouped together as a business, but as for broadcast systems & equipment both are all working, with long contracts in place to continue providing services.

The UK is a little different that other EU countries mainly because of the BBC way of funding, but that's a post for another day.

The other main thing that has changed over the last few years is the Set Top Box used for Freesat. Over the years a few manufactures have made boxes for Freesat

(Humax, Bush & Manhattan being some of the most popular)

But for the current box a company called Arris (Or Comm scope) was tasked with bring a new design of box to the market, Arris had some great Streamer boxes in the EU market, so not a bad choice, With UHD level output, a fully updatable selection of Smart TV apps & up to 2tb of storage for recording it was an upgrade that needed to happen.

SO in short Freesat is here to stay to help the UK TV viewer with an easy plug and play option for more channels & those hard to reach areas of the land where Terrestrial signals are just not good enough.

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