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Can freesat use sky dish?

Yes it can!

Great news right, you can move from your SKY system in a few minutes just by switching the box under your TV....

BUT WAIT! There are a few technical things that you need to know

Basically some older equipment might need a a tweak to get it all working nicely

ARRIS UHD 4K BOXES - These new boxes will work with any SKY Dish, but work better with the newer SKYQ Dish, you can record more channels at once with a WIDEBAND LNB

HUMAX & MANHATTAN HD Boxes - The older Ranges of Boxes from Humax (HDR1100) and the Manhattan (SX) boxes will need a UNIVERSIAL LNB to work, so if you are switching from SKYQ, it will need to be changed, if you are switching from SKYHD, it will work right away.


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