Can I receive LIVE TV without an Aerial? Freesat - Streaming - Freely (UK) - Freesat Spares

Can I receive LIVE TV without an Aerial? Freesat - Streaming - Freely (UK)

TV Via a Satellite for Free...

If you're based in the UK we can tell you yes there are many ways to receive live TV broadcasts without the need of an aerial on your property

The first one and the one that we specialize in would be television through a satellite so if you're in a block of flats that only has a satellite connection all the previous owner of your house had sky TV we have a selection of devices and equipment there will help you connect and watch live TV broadcasts

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So if you know you had a satellite on your building and connections near your TV ready to use we have lots of videos on our YouTube channel to understand how you can connect to your TV and of course we sell the connectors the set-top boxes and give expert advice on all these things for UK freesat TV broadcasts

You may not be aware but some TVs also have a satellite connection as well as a standard rooftop aerial connection they are normally easy to spot on the back of the TV because they have a threaded 10 millimetre connection point that looks similar but distinctly different to a rooftop aerial connection and we'll offer and have the term sat written next to the socket

Other Systems for Live TV

Another way of watching live TV though more limited is through TV stations app that are at installed on a laptop or a smart TV device iPads and iPhones will also work but who wants to watch TV on a five inch screen
The problem with using an app is quite often you have to switch back and forth between the different branded apps so if you want to watch ITV you've got to have the ITV X app to be able to watch their channels and you can't just flick through the channels like you can with a standard live broadcast

Freely The TV Future? 

A brand new way to receive TV is a system called freely this is a new internet-based iptv network being rolled out across the UK so as long as you've got an internet connection stronger than 5 megabytes and a compatible TV or set top box you will be able to receive live broadcast TV via this network we can offer too much advice right now on this as it came to market in middle of 2024 and there is only one brand of TV currently supporting

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