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Can I use an old Sky dish to receive Freesat?

Yes But....... There are a few technical things that you need to be aware of.

1. LNB Types - LNBs are the box on the end of your Satellite Sky Dish where the cables connect. They come in 3 common favours in the UK. 

Universal  - These are for all older Freesat boxes & SKY HD / Plus

Wide-Band - These are the newer type for Freesat UHD & Sky Q

Hybrid - These as you might have guessed can work with most systems.

So if you want to use a Newer FREESAT Arris UHD box, any LNB will work, but Wideband ones are best.

If you have older equipment the Universal LNBs are what you need 

If you wish to run a mix of SKY and Freesat in a household, a Hybrid LNB would probably be the best option.

Of course we sell all the types of any box here on Freesat Spares. 

Drop us a message if you need more help.

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