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Can I use Freesat outside of the UK?

Viewers in the Republic of Ireland can use a Freesat receiver as a means to watch UK free-to-air channels. Freesat receivers are not the same as generic ‘free-to-air’ satellite receivers sold in the country, which do not order channels in the same way.

Viewers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France can unofficially use Freesat receivers to watch UK TV channels with a common domestic satellite dish pointing at the Astra satellites at 28.2E.

Beyond these areas, reception becomes worse, requiring ever bigger dishes, before it becomes impossible.

Using websites such as satbeams will help you understand the dish you might be able to use.

Even in the UK, the further north you go the weaker will get, generally once you are north of the Scottish boarder you will need to get a Zone 2 (65cm) Dish.

Once outside the UK, such as Spain, you could need anything from a 80cm to 1.8metre, again generally the more south you are the larger the dish needed.

If you are outside the UK, and just want some generally TV, in English, almost all satellite TV networks carry free channels in English, mainly news but also film and general programming. In France and Spain a lot of TV broadcasts can be switched to the original language just by the press of the button. 

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