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Common Questions About Freesat Spares

Do you post internationally?

Yes - We can post anywhere, some are are ready to order see our EU ready Items HERE - Other Items can be sent outside the UK via special order, just drop us a message

Are you affiliated with Freesat?

NO -  We are an independent supplier & retailer of Freesat Branded products, and other satellite & TV equipment. We sell both new and Refurbished devices carrying the freesat and other brand names, such as YouView & Freeview. Our New Products are sourced via Official brand Wholesalers in the UK.

Can you Repair Other Devices?

YES -  We can repair a wide range of TV set top boxes from many manufactures our engineers have many years experience, and we offer free advice before you send a item to us to assess if the product could be economically repaired. Use the Chat Box to speak to us

Can I get a Fast Repair?

YES - You have 2 options if you are local to us (BS23, Bristol Area) you can drop your item into our workshop. If you are not local we do have an express repair service for the most common items -  Our quickest service is 3 working days

Why does my Satellite Box not have the Freesat Logo?

In the UK "Freesat" is a service & equipment provider of UK television via the astra 2 network. You can buy other manufactures equipment to receive UK TV channels, and we sell them. But for most people the FREESAT branded equipment is more user friendly for most end users

What is the difference between FREESAT & FREEVIEW?

Simply FREESAT is UK TV channels broadcast over a Satellite Network and you need a Satellite Dish to Pick up this service & channels (DVB-S)

FREEVIEW is UK TV channels that are broadcast over a Aerial, normally a roof top type

90% of the channels are the same but there are some differences in the channel listings

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