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Do I need a TV Licence to use FREESAT?

This is a question, a lot of people are confused about, as streaming content via netflix etc has become popular, the rules and guideline around if it classes as "LIVE TV BROADCAST" have not been updated very quickly, and it still seems there are some grey areas around the subject.

Lets take a look at the TV LICENCE website statements: They Say - 

If you watch or record TV on any channel via any TV service (e.g. Sky, Virgin, Freeview, Freesat), you need to be covered by a TV Licence.

OK, that's nice and clear for us as FREESAT users, our boxes have UK broadcast TV channels that we can record & watch so we need a UK TV Licence to use all the features of the boxes.

There are different rules for people using laptops to watch YouTube etc but in this blog we are just talking about FREESAT Equipment.

If you want more information about UK TV Licensing see their website HERE

You maybe able to get a free TV LICENCE if you are Over 75. See Here for details

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