EVEN More about Freely IPTV From Everyone TV - Freesat Spares

EVEN More about Freely IPTV From Everyone TV

Freeview replacement Freely unveils more launch details and new interface

The streaming service that will ultimately replace Freeview and Freesat will launch ahead of this summer’s big sports events with brand new features and an additional launch partner.

  • Vestel joins Hisense as launch partner, meaning Freely will be available across a range of budget and premium devices.
  • UKTV (owned by BBC Studios) to make its channels available via streaming
  • New User Interface (UI) gives a glimpse of what the service will look like for early adopters.
  • But there’s an admission that in the early days of Freely, there will be differences in what you get depending on if you’re using Wi-Fi, dish or aerial.

Everyone TV – the organisation leading the evolution of free TV in the UK – has this morning confirmed its new streaming service Freely will launch during the second quarter (Apr-Jun) 2024. This means the first Freely devices will be available ahead of this summer’s season of sport, which includes Euro 2024 and the Olympics.

Everyone TV, which was formerly known as Digital UK, is the platform operator backed by the main UK free-to-air channels. It already operates Freeview and Freesat.

To coincide with the unveiling of further details about the platform, it’s commissioned research that says that the number of broadband-only TV households will become the majority by 2030, up from just over 15% of homes in 2023.

As viewers replace existing Freeview and Freesat devices, Freely will allow them to continue to using aerial and dish alongside IP streaming, or they can unplug the aerial/dish and go IP-only.


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