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Freesat vs. Freeview

The key difference between Freesat and Freeview is the way in which your TV service is delivered to you. Whilst Freeview is delivered through an aerial, the Freesat broadcast arrives via satellite giving us a more resilient signal that isn't as impacted by things like adverse weather.

Freesat is an alternative to Freeview that delivers its TV channels via a satellite broadcast rather than down your aerial, but there's plenty that will be familiar.

If you're in an area where reception for Freeview is poor, then Freesat is the next best alternative. There are differences but the difference isn't too stark in terms of what's available. You also get a wider selection of channels than Freeview can muster.

A Freesat-ready TV ?

Some manufacturers already produce at least one kind of TV with Freesat built into it. With a Freesat-ready TV, you will be able to access channels and almost any radio station without the need for an additional device.

Can anyone get Freesat?
Freesat is delivered via satellite and is therefore available wherever you are in the UK. You will need a satellite dish, so it's best to ensure you have one installed before taking up the service or buying a Freesat product.
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