Great places for News & Information about Freesat - Freesat Spares

Great places for News & Information about Freesat

If you are looking at freesat satellite TV system but need more information before you dive in, here is a great list of online resources for news, stories, channel lists & changes to the network.

First off, of course, would be the official Freesat website, you can see all the latest news and channel information

Digital Spy is a user forum covering all the TV and RADIO networks with great user made content and questions about everything TV

News Now is a website that pulls together various sources of information from other sites with a good selection of TV and Entertainment news CLICK HERE

RXTV is a broadcast TV and on-demand resource of news, technical information centred around all the platforms used in the UK, Freeview, Freesat, Youview & Sky.

Everyone TV - is the "parent company" of the Freesat platform, paid for by all the major TV channels from the UK it looks after the broadcast TV network

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