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How do I send in my FREESAT box for Repair ?

Its easy with Freesat Spares to get your Satellite TV box working again.

All you need to do is BUY the postage to send the box to us (link below)

We will send you a label for the Ervi Parcel Network

  1. Pack the recorder in a shoe box sized cardboard box, padded to protect it.
  2. Print and fix the label I have sent (attached to this email) to the package.
  3. Drop off at your local EVRI point. 
  4. Wait, it take about 2 days for us to get the box and a day to investigate the issue.
  5. Will be send you an email about our finding and what to do next.

Once we have tested the box we will inform you of the repair cost, you can say yes or no to the repair.

(if its a no, we return the box, no charge apart from postage)

We then send you a invoice for the cost, you pay, we send it back.


Example prices for 2023 are

500gb hard drive replacement £50 plus postage

Humax Box no power £40 plus postage

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