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How much money Can I save with Freesat?

So we have looked into the cost of SKY TV UK (as of Dec 2023), and compared how much you might be able to save by switching to Freesat & Most importantly what you can watch.

Now first off lets talk sport (not the radio station)

For sports fans the last few years has seen a lot of changes with TV sport broadcast, once sky had the rights for almost everything (football, darts, golf), but this seems to be changing slowly with TNT, Amazon & BT all buying up rights to big sports. Sky current charge up to £24 a month for Sports.

So as it stands, SKY still have a lot of sports content which you pay a premium for, but all national games or event will almost always be free to watch on BBC & ITV etc.

Then Films

If you love watching Films and movies SKY has a great collection of options, starting from £8 a month, personally I prefer going to the cinema to watch films, but who doesn't like watching the green mile for the 10th time on a cold winter night on the sofa... 

That's Entertainment

Then there is everything else, BBC ITV, UK TV Network etc, I group this all as entertainment, and this is where Freesat Wins, 85% of the channels you pay for on sky are Free-to-Air via Freesat & Freeview.

So what will I not get? The Sky Branded Channels like Comedy, Atlantic & Showcase, I think are main ones you will miss, with some exclusive content that is hard to watch else where mainly from the U.S. (HBO & Hulu) but is not impossible using service like Amazon Prime Rental a lot of these programs can be rented or purchased just like getting them on DVD.

SO get to it - What's the COST!

OK, this is the best part lets save some money...

The cost of the Freesat box is £200 (500gb recordable)

The Yearly cost of the mid range SKY package is £480 (No Sport)

SO you can see there is £280 to save in the first year alone, and still get 85% of the TV you would normally watch.

Even if you add some premium TV streaming services like NETFLIX (which you can watch directly on your freesat box, you could still be saving £160 in the first year.

My suggestion with Premium Streamers is to switch them around every few months, What I current do is 3 months on Netflix (then stop that) and get 3 months of Amazon Prime (then stop that sub) then hop to Paramount+ or Disney+ for the next few months.... and so on. YOU DONT NEED THEM ALL RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME!

So if you are looking to save money with your TV, Freesat is a great way to do it, lots of entertainment content, with premium options for streaming on the recording box.

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