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Is Freesat Really FREE?

In a word yes, Freesat is a UK based Satellite TV broadcast platform That all the Channels are Free-To-Air, Not encrypted or scrambled in any way.

So if you have a TV or Set Top Box that has a Satellite input you can pick up a range of Channels for Free. (UK TV Licensing Rules may apply*) 

The Freesat platform broadcasts on the same group of satellites as SKY TV in the UK (Astra2 @ 28Deg), so replacing your old sky TV box is normally just a matter of swapping out the set top boxes.

But The new Freesat Boxes offer more than ever before, with SMART APPs Like ITV-X, BBC iPlayer & the option to sign up to premium paid for apps like Netflix, this one little box can do it all.

We are here to offer technical advice for all your freesat needs so drop us a line anytime via Email or Chat.

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