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Is UHD Better Than HD? Do you Need Ultra High Definition on your TV?

4K or Not 4K That is the Question!

If you are looking to move to Freesat or Upgrade you current Satellite TV box You will see the current line of products from Freesat all state they are UHD or 4K, well what does this mean for the end user? how will it effect your viewing, or cost of the box?

First off lets think just confirm what 4K and UHD are Both terms mean the same thing, UHD or Ultra High Definition you may see other terms like HDR (10+) it can be all very confusing but the outline of all these terms means better than High Def HD, the picture will be sharper and clearer with these videos.

And you should also note that to get the best image you need a TV that is also UHD compatible, lots of TVs for the last 5 years have offered UHD in their technical specifications, so there is a good chance if you have a compatible TV if you have purchase one recently.   

So does this mean all channels on the Freesat UHD boxes are in Ultra High Def, well thats a NO, there are no UHD broadcast channels on the Freesat platform at time of writing, so why bother with a UHD box?

Well if you are like most people and stream most of your viewing via on-demand services there is a lot of content in UHD to watch, iPlayer, Netflix & Amazon Prime and this box will allow you to access it.

SKY is currently the only UK broadcast system with UHD channels. (Premium subscription required).

So of you are looking to upgrade your viewing experience a Freesat 4K box is a great way to access it.


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