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My Humax Box has no Power - Will it work again?

No power, No Lights, Nothing happening!

This is a very common problem on the HB and HDR models of the Humax Freesat boxes. (HB1000, HDR1000s, HDR1010s, HDR1100)

There are 2 common issues that cause this.

1. The power pack itself has stopped working, this part of your system converts the 240volts from the wall to a 12 volt supply for the box via a small jack connector.

We recommend if you can to check the 12 volt output with a volt meter to prove this before buying a replacement power pack 

2. A more complex issue is a fault that comes with the motherboard in the machine, it will just stop working correctly, sometimes no power, but also you can see faults such as red light, but will not boot up. Lost of hard drive functions.

IF you are having issue like this, we can normally repair it, but it needs to be sent to your workshop for testing and diagnosis, various internal faults can cause the box to stop working for the older humax devices, but our engineers have been working on these for years so normally have an answer to solve this problem  

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