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Non-Freesat Mode - How to use it, What you can get.

This is all about extra channels on the astra 2 network (the system used by Sky & Freesat).

On all freesat branded boxes you have an option to switch the mode of your box to NON-FREESAT, this will allow to manually tune other services not on the Freesat Channel lists.

Its very easy to switch to the Non-Freesat, just enter your boxes menu, now depending on your model you may see the Non-Freesat (or STB Mode on Humax) option in the first level, but if you don't, just open the Setting option, then select the Non-Freesat.

You can then use a list like this very handy one on Wikipedia 

Then by using the Channel Search / Manual TP and the table of channels from the wiki link above.

For example If you wanted to watch Sky News Arabia, you enter these transponder.

Freq: 12148

Pol: H

Symbol Rate: 27500

FEC: 5/6 (not always needed, can be set to auto)

The box will search and show you any channels on this Transponder.

Add as many extra channels as you wish.

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