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Sky Is Shaking Up Freesat With A HD Channel

Good news for Freesat viewers: Sky’s new premium channel, Sky Mix, is coming to Freesat this week, alongside its debut on Freeview, bringing with it a free taste of Sky’s premium TV shows and films.

Furthermore, on Freesat (unlike Freeview), Sky Mix will air in High Definition (HD) – something viewers can’t normally get from Sky on free-to-air channels.

Sky Mix is set to launch on October 18 across various platforms including Freesat, Freeview, and Sky. While its launch on Freeview and Sky was already confirmed, the availability on Freesat remained uncertain until now.

Today, Sky confirmed to us that Sky Mix HD is indeed launching on Freesat, providing audiences with high-definition viewing on the satellite-based platform.

The Sky Mix channel will replace Sky Pick, offering a broad variety of content including Sky originals, films, and themed weeknight schedules covering genres like drama and true crime.

While the channel is basically a rebrand of the existing Sky Pick channel, Sky Mix aims to provide a richer blend of content, showcasing themed weeknight schedules that delve into a variety of genres from drama to true crime.

The upgrade to HD quality on Freesat is a significant improvement, especially since its predecessor, Sky Pick, was only available in SD on this platform.

However, on Freeview, Sky Mix will continue to be available in SD only.


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