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Tuning your Freesat UHD 4K Box - Its super Easy, & We have a Video

If you have just got a new Arris UHD 4K Freesat TV box and the manual is not making any sense to set it up, why not watch out short video that will help.

I have also written the steps we follow on the Video.

NOTE: This is for most home owners, if you are in a share flat block with a shared Dish, you may need to carry out some extra steps, or get a local Pro in to help you.

To connect your box to the TV, follow these simple steps:

Start by inserting the batteries into the remote control, as indicated by the markings within the battery compartment.

Next, connect the cables from your satellite dish into the back of your box (RF IN 1 or RF IN 2) by screwing them in. If your satellite dish cable only has one connector, it can be connected to either socket. Connect your box to your TV using the HDMI cable supplied.

If you are going to use an Ethernet cable (not supplied with your Box) to connect to the internet, then connect your cable now. If you are doing it wirelessly, you’ll be able to do it later during the start-up process so you can skip this step.

Connect the power supply unit into the POWER IN socket, plug it into the wall socket and switch on. Once done, power up your box by pressing the button on the top of the box or by pressing the power button on your remote control, turn on your TV and you’re ready to go!


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