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UK TV In Europe - English Language Broadcast Television

Unlocking English Entertainment in Mainland Europe: A Guide to Watching English Television Abroad


Living in mainland Europe, particularly in countries like Spain and France, offers a myriad of cultural experiences, but sometimes, you may find yourself yearning for the familiar comforts of English television. Whether you're an expatriate or a travel enthusiast, staying connected with English-language programming is essential. In this guide, we'll explore the equipment needed to enjoy English television in mainland Europe, discussing the size of satellite dishes and recommending reputable brands to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

The Basics of English Television Abroad:

When it comes to watching English television in mainland Europe, satellite broadcasting is often the most reliable and widely used method. The two primary satellite providers catering to English-speaking audiences are Sky and Freesat. However, accessing their services outside the UK requires specific equipment to receive their signals.

Choosing the Right Satellite Dish Size:

The size of the satellite dish is a crucial factor in ensuring a stable and high-quality signal reception. The farther you are from the satellite's broadcasting location, the larger the dish you'll need. In mainland Europe, a dish size ranging from 60cm to 120cm is generally recommended for receiving UK satellite signals.

For example, in southern Spain, where the distance to the UK satellite is greater, a dish size of 80cm to 120cm may be more appropriate. In contrast, in northern France, a dish size of 60cm to 90cm may suffice due to the closer proximity to the broadcasting satellites.

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Reputable Brands for Satellite Equipment:

Investing in reliable and reputable satellite equipment is essential for a hassle-free viewing experience. Some well-known brands in the satellite equipment industry include:

  1. Technomate: Known for their durable and high-performance satellite dishes and receivers, Technomate is a popular choice among expatriates and satellite enthusiasts.

  2. Triax: Renowned for their satellite dishes and accessories, Triax offers a range of products suitable for various signal reception needs. Their dishes are designed for optimal performance in different weather conditions.

  3. Gibertini: Specializing in satellite dishes, Gibertini is a trusted brand that provides quality products suitable for capturing signals from multiple satellites.

Installation Tips for English Television in Mainland Europe:

  1. Satellite Dish Alignment: Precise alignment of the satellite dish is crucial for optimal signal reception. Use a satellite signal meter to fine-tune the positioning for the best results.

  2. LNB (Low-Noise Block): Ensure you have a high-quality LNB, as it plays a key role in receiving and converting the satellite signals. Brands like Inverto and Octagon are known for producing reliable LNBs.

  3. Weather Protection: Consider investing in weatherproofing accessories to shield your equipment from the elements, especially in regions where inclement weather is common.


Watching English television in mainland Europe is a delightful way to stay connected with home or indulge in familiar entertainment. By selecting the right satellite dish size and investing in reputable equipment from brands like Technomate, Triax, and Gibertini, you can create a reliable setup for enjoying your favorite English programs. With a bit of careful installation and attention to detail, you can bring the best of English television to your doorstep in Spain, France, or any other part of mainland Europe.

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