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When is FREESAT, NOT FREESAT? UK Satellite Free TV

So if you're thinking about getting a free set box for your TV it can be a bit confusing because the term Freesat is quite generic lots of companies use the words Freesat on their boxes, where they really mean free to air viewing device

So if you're looking for UK TV with all your channels sorted like BBC one at channel one etc you need to buy a free sat branded box like the ones that we sell on this website what does this actually mean well what it means is the software and hardware inside the box is going to sort your channels and give you access to the BBC ITV Channel 4 and Channel 5 broadcast stations and on demand services all in one handy device

If you were to buy a free-to-air box from companies such as technomate these are really for people who are outside the UK or are connecting to multiple satellites to watch broadcasts from TV stations not based in the UK

The free-to-air boxes will work perfectly fine but sometimes you just have to spend some time sorting the channels in the program guide so you get the free open channels like the BBC in the top of the list

So if you want a Freesat box for UK TV from the astra2 network for example if you are replacing Sky TV the box is we sell on this website are the ones you need we don't sell generic ones we just sell the ones that are easiest to set up for UK TV watching residents.

Currently two manufacturers make these boxes that's Manhattan and Arris.

The Manhattan boxes are the basic receiver only ones great for second bedrooms or if you're in a camper van etc with a portable system they can run off 12 volts easily or if you want to be able to record and use smart features like online apps such as the BBC iPlayer the Arris boxes other ones to go for

The Manhattan boxes are single input with HD output so you'll get all the main channels 100 or so that are watchable

If you're looking to record and playback and use the advanced features of watching channels online as well as broadcasting then the UHD 4K boxes with the Freesat branding of the ones to go for



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