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Why are freesat boxes so expensive?

Don't Forget its a one off cost, No monthly Fees, Just Free TV*

Freesat is a much less used platform than Freeview, so the economies of scale are at play here.

Freesat was (originally) designed to serve a smaller group of people than the UK Freeview network (Freeview - TV broadcast on local antennas DVB-T)

Freesat has been put in place for those outside the coverage area of Terrestrial signals, such as Scottish islands, deep the in the valleys of Wales & as a method of people being able to switch from a SKY satellite package without the need of a new aerial.

The channel lists of Freeview & Freesat are different, but 90% the same.

One of the great things about Freesat is you can watch any of the Local BBC services on the box as they are all broadcast on the satellite network.

So if you are from Yorkshire but live in London, catching up on your home town news is easy.

Also if you watched to watch Welsh rugby on a Saturday while you are in Cornwall, you can do that to!

Move to Freesat with some simple equipment from us

* = You still need a TV licence 

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