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Why is my Freesat signal breaking up?

My signal is poor. What can I do?

The first thing to check is the satellite cables are correctly inserted into your Freesat Box and haven’t come loose. Most peoples connectors are F-Type Screw connections, so visually check around the connector and plug for broken cables, fraying copper wire, or any signs of green (oxidization) or black marks (burning) these all point towards a poor connection

If the cable connection is okay, there may be interference causing the signal issues such as scaffolding or trees - To check this stand near your dish and look towards the direction the arm of the dish is pointing, there should not nothing in front of it for about 3 metres, but also check further away if there are some very high trees less than 10 metres away these can also cause signal issues.

If you are still experiencing poor signal, then it might be an issue with the satellite dish itself. You may want to consider getting an installer to check it, as things such as very old rusty dishes, old door cables that have rotten or crumbled in the sun can all cause a poor picture for freesat.

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