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Freesat VS. Free-to-view From Sky

SO... I don't want you to get confused but I need to explain something.

Freesat is a Satellite TV system using the Astra Satellite Network, The Overseers of this platform is Everyone TV (A company Jointly owned by BBC, ITV &Channel 4)


You can also use SKY equipment to watch these and more channels for free, the FREE-TO-VIEW system from SKY is not that well known, and in the past has been known as "Freesat From Sky"

So as of Today 'Feb 2024' you can still use your old sky gear to watch any free to air channel on the sky, but you cant use the sky equipment to record anything, unless you pay them for a "plus subscription" 

The main difference is the SKY platform lists a few more channels than the FREESAT in the EPG, many of them non-english, so if you want channels like IQRA Bangla or Brit Asia TV, a SKY DRX595 box would be a good option to watch these.

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Of course we sell the DRX595 Boxes HERE

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