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Panasonic HDD BLU-RAY PVR Recorder DMR-BS850 Freesat+ Tuner HDMI 1TB [B-Grade Refurbished]

Panasonic HDD BLU-RAY PVR Recorder DMR-BS850 Freesat+ Tuner HDMI 1TB [B-Grade Refurbished]

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Panasonic HDD BLU-RAY PVR Recorder DMR-BS850 Freesat+ Tuner HDMI 1TB

[B-Grade Refurbished]

DMR-BS850 [You need a satellite dish to use this device]

Amazing Recording Solutions

1TB Smart HD Hard Disc Drive Recorder

Up to 684hrs of High Definition recording capacity - Enabling you to capture your favourite TV moments, whether they are broadcast in stunning HD or standard definition. You can also use the huge recording capacity to save Music, Digital Still Photos and Home Videos recorded on standard or high definition camcorders.

Ultimate HD Recording Solution

More than just a Hard Disc Drive Recorder, a complete archiving solution - A built-in 1TB capacity HDD means you can easily record your favourite TV programmes without the fear of running out of space. But the BS850 offers so much more. With its recordable Blu-ray and DVD drive you also have the option to save and archive hours of your precious family moments or digital photos. Not only can you upload digital photos or videos to the BS850 but you can also produce copies on disc for the rest of the family to share and enjoy. If you already own a digital camera or camcorder, the BS850 is an ideal companion for storing and sharing your treasured recordings.

Record 3D Broadcasts or 3D Home Movies

Capture all 3D opportunities whether they are broadcasts or filmed by you - If you want to capture the Freeview 3D broadcasts from the BBC , Panasonic HD recorders are just the ticket. Or if you own a 3D camera or camcorder, you can save your 3D content to the internal Hard Disc Drive by just connecting to the USB input or inserting the SD card from the camera or camcorder. (Limited Freeview HD 3D programming has been announced by the BBC but may be subject to change.)

Twin Freesat HD Tuners

Flexibility to record two programmes at the same time - With the three main TV providers, BBC, ITV and Ch4, now offering great HD programming for free, you need the flexibility to be able to record and watch more than one at a time. Whether you want to record two different channels at once or record one HD programme whilst watching another, having two HD tuners on-board makes it all possible. You can even watch a recording you made earlier at the same time as two other recordings are taking place, leaving you free to control what to watch when it suits you.

Quick and Simple Programme Guide

Press the GUIDE button and almost instantly you can view the EPG - New for 2012 is the 7-day Electronic Programme Guide with picture window that enables you to carry on watching your TV channel whilst surfing through the channel list. You can see what programmes are on now and what's coming up over the next 7 days. You can also set the timer to record your chosen programme or series.

3D and Amazing Picture Quality

Full HD 3D Blu-ray Playback

Full High Definition resolution by 'Frame Sequential' 3D Blu-ray playback - The amazing picture quality of Blu-ray Disc is due to the increased number of pixels in each frame of the image. Full High Definition requires 1920 x 1080 pixels (that's about 5x more resolution than DVD) and exactly matches the resolution of Full HD TVs. However, 3D movies display twice as many frames as 2D due to the slightly different information contained in the right eye and left eye images. Only Blu-ray 3D discs can store Full HD for the left eye and Full HD for the right eye and deliver them alternately to the screen in rapid sequential frames. This means that none of the stunning resolution and depth of Full HD is lost when watching 3D.

Viera Connect

2D to 3D Conversion

Watch 2D images in 3D - Of course it's going to take time to build your collection of 3D movies. So Panasonic offer 2D-3D Conversion that enables conversion of regular 2D DVDs and Blu-ray Discs into 3D images with natural depth perception. Watch your prized DVD movie collection in 3D for even greater viewing enjoyment. You can also convert from the on-line VIERA Connect services into 3D.

Smart TV and Networking

Panasonic VIERA Connect

A whole host of on-line entertainment delivered to your TV - By connecting this device to your Broadband router, you can access a wide range of internet services such as catch-up TV, sports news, weather info, movies-on-demand and games. Viera Connect not only offers users greater convenience but greatly enhances enjoyment as well. Now, you can enjoy an even wider variety of Internet content with family and friends from the comfort of your living room.

WiFi Built-In

Easily connect to a wireless home network - A Wi-Fi system is built right into the main unit so you can enjoy VIERA Connect without having to use a LAN cable or use a wireless LAN adaptor. A wireless LAN environment is required.

[B-Grade Refurbished] - The devices is used, services and supplied without original box 

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