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Panasonic HDD PVR Recorder DMR-HW120 With Remote Freeview Tuner HDMI 500GB [C-Grade Refurbished]

Panasonic HDD PVR Recorder DMR-HW120 With Remote Freeview Tuner HDMI 500GB [C-Grade Refurbished]

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DMR-HW120 - Freeview+ HD Hard Disk Recorder with Twin HD Terrestrial Tuner


Amazing Recording Solutions

500GB Smart HD Hard Disc Drive Recorder

Up to 129 hrs of High Definition recording capacity - Many hours of built-in recording space enabling you to capture your favourite TV moments, whether they are broadcast in stunning HD or standard definition. And it's not just about recording TV programmes. You can also use the available recording space to save Music, Digital Still Photos and Home Videos recorded on standard definition or high definition camcorders.

Record 3D Broadcasts or 3D Home Movies

Capture all 3D opportunities whether they are broadcasts or filmed by you - If you love 3D and want to capture the Freeview 3D broadcasts from the BBC this summer, Panasonic HD recorders are just the ticket. Or if you own a 3D camera or camcorder, you can save your 3D content to the internal Hard Disc Drive by just connecting to the USB input or inserting the SD card from the camera or camcorder. (Limited Freeview HD 3D programming has been announced by the BBC but may be subject to change.)

Twin Freeview HD Tuners

Flexibility to record two programmes at the same time - With the three main TV providers, BBC, ITV and Ch4, now offering great HD programming for free, you need the flexibility to be able to record and watch more than one at a time. Whether you want to record two different channels at once or record one HD programme whilst watching another, having two HD tuners on-board makes it all possible. You can even watch a recording you made earlier at the same time as two other recordings are taking place, leaving you free to control what to watch when it suits you.

Record with Freeview Plus

Smart functionality for a digital broadcast era - Freeview+ functionality gives you piece of mind and some very smart features to look after your TV recordings: Twin Digital Tuner - ensures that when two programmes clash it never becomes an issue. Pause and Rewind Live TV - gives you the chance to review and replay a part of live action, or pause the action while you deal with an interruption. Series Record notifies you when the programme you want to record is part of a series and sets the rest of the series to record automatically so that you never miss an episode. Accurate Recording via Guide Link - if a programme offers "Guide Link" it means that even if the start or end time changes, the programme is tracked and the recording time will be changed automatically to match the new time. Split Event Recording - even if the programme you set to record is interrupted by and continues after the news, no problem, both parts of the programme will still be recorded. Overlap Recording Resolve - even with two tuners, sometimes there may be a third programme that you simply can't miss. Don't worry, Panasonic Freeview+ recorders scan the programme listings to find a different time when that programme is repeated and set the recorder accordingly. Therefore resolving the overlap issue.

Quick and Simple Programme Guide

Press the GUIDE button and almost instantly you can view the EPG - New for 2012 is the 7-day Electronic Programme Guide with picture window that enables you to carry on watching your TV channel whilst surfing through the channel list. Pressing the dedicated guide button on the recorder remote control quickly brings up the TV programme listings in a large, easy to read display. You can see what programmes are on now and what's coming up over the next 7 days. You can also set the timer to record your chosen programme or series by highlighting the programme and pressing the red button on the remote.


Smart TV and Networking

Panasonic VIERA Connect

A whole host of on-line entertainment delivered to your TV - Panasonic upgraded its home AV online platform from VIERA CAST to VIERA Connect in Autumn 2011. By connecting this device to your Broadband router, you can access a wide range of internet services such as catch-up TV, sports news, weather info, movies-on-demand and games. Viera Connect not only offers users greater convenience but greatly enhances enjoyment as well. Now, you can enjoy an even wider variety of Internet content with family and friends from the comfort of your living room.

Viera Connect

Upgrade to a wireless home network connection – Easily upgrade your product to join a wireless home network with the purchase of a Panasonic DY-WL5 USB wireless adaptor.

DLNA Server & Client

Stream recorded content to other DLNA compatible products around your home - Not only can the recorder act as a DLNA client that lets you enjoy music, videos or digital photos from a Windows 7 PC for example, but it can also be a DLNA server that pushes recorded files from its internal Hard Disc Drive to other DLNA devices in the home such as a networked Panasonic Blu-ray player or TV. Recorded TV programmes, HD video content or digital photos can all be accessed and enjoyed in another room over the network. (Some TV programmes may be restricted for copy protection purposes.)

External HDD Back-up and Transfer

Back up recorded content to external HDD - The new recorder models supports a USB-compatible external HDD, so collections of content recorded onto DIGA can be moved over to the external HDD in order to back it up or just to free up space on the internal hard drive. Contents can be moved freely back and forth between devices and up to eight external HDD devices can be registered. (The external HDD must be USB compatible. Only 1 External HDD connection at a time. The maximum capacity of a compatible External HDD is 2TB.)


Easy operation with a single remote control - VIERA Link lets you operate a Blu-ray Disc player or a Home Cinema System with a single VIERA TV remote control. Connection is made via HDMI cable enabling multiple Panasonic products to communicate with one another. With VIERA Link there's no more need to switch between multiple remote controls.


[C-Grade Refurbished] - This box is used, has signs of wear serviced and repackaged, and may or may not have original box & manuals 

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